Sample Breakfast

Home baking

Fresh Home Baking

All day selection of quick breads, oat squares, biscotti, biscuits and breads.
(Take some for snacks and skip lunch!)

Fresh Fruit

Whatever’s in season is at your fingertips.
Fruit compotes and frozen fruit popsicles count!

Endless Variety of Breakfast Sandwiches

Local free range eggs in all thier glorius forms. Anticipate boiled, pickled, freshly cracked and baked into the best breakfast sandwiches you’ve experienced. Filled with roasted veggies and herbs from the garden and crisp greens. Breads and wraps all made in house

House made Yogurt

Treats and takeaways

From house made yogurt parfaits to toasted nuts and dark chocolate date and nut bark, there always some filling treasure on hand to grab as a sweet snack.